Loulita is a singer-songwriter and worship leader based in Bristol, UK. Her debut album, The Last Twelve Years, documents her journey from the time she encountered God in a way that she had never known before. She began to understand what it meant to be loved unconditionally, and what ensued was radical transformation and freedom from spiritual darkness to light, bondage to freedom, and depression to hope.

While many of her songs were written prior to her twelve-year period of enlightenment, she believes that they were inspired and given to her by God as a way of encouragement for what was to come - her journey back to Him. Her song, Deliverer, beautifully summarises this season, and Loulita is often heard saying, "Everyone needs to know God for themselves. As for me, I know Him personally as my deliverer." It is because of this that she chose to record Deliverer as her first music video. The song went onto achieve #7 in the UK Christian Charts in August of 2018 and was also added to the UCB2 Playlist in the same month. Stephen Luff from Cross Rhythms, reviewed The Last Twelve Years as a great debut, commenting on Loulita’s outstanding talent and beautiful voice. She has since released her second music video, Man on the Beach (track 8 on the album) in January 2019.

Loulita has a beautiful voice (sounding like a young Olivia Newton-John at times) and demonstrates an outstanding talent. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from this Bristol-based worship leader as this is a great debut.
— Stephen Luff – Cross Rhythms

Loulita was invited to become a content creator for Homegrown Worship by Andy Baker and will be releasing 6 brand new songs during 2019. She is passionate about this new initiative and believes it’s a wonderful opportunity for churches, artists and worship leaders to record and release their own music.

She will be taking her Worship Encounters Tour to South Africa from the 28th October - 4th November 2019. She will be joined by the musicians who have played at her concerts, as well as special guests NEELY.

Among many other things, Loulita is a gifted graphic designer and has been running her business (Loulita Gill Design) for 9 years. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Practical Theology from the University of Chester in 2015. She is a wife to Joe and mum of three lovely boys, Emmanuel, Isaiah and Nathaniel.