Loulita’s life and music are a beautiful and wonderful testimony of the transformative work of our creative, redeeming and restoring God. Loulita’s lyrics powerfully speak prophetic words of change to all who would listen to His Spirit.
— Ian Mountford

I have met Loulita and she is a very humble and real spiritual lady. I believe that she writes and sings her songs from her heart. I only met her last Saturday and her music has already blessed me.
— Amanda White

Thankyou for sharing your gift with the world. As a family it has blessed us over and over again since the day we bought it. My children know most of the words, they listen to it on their way to school in the mornings.
— Nike Ashaye

Loulita is a truly wonderful artist, delivering inspiring heartfelt music which resonates with your soul. With unforgettable melodies and lyrics, Loulita’s music is set to accompany you through life’s ups and downs, giving you hope and peace every step of the way.
— Rob Townley

Loulita has a uniqueness. Her beautiful melodic voice reaches the soul. She has a vibrancy that washes away the every day concerns. She’s a life winner. Keep going Lou reach for the stars may your dreams come true.
— Jayne Debes

Absolutely beautiful and inspirational music by a beautiful and inspiring lady. I cant stop listening.
— Susie Davis

A beautiful god given voice belonging to an amazingly kind hearted lady. Love love love listening to this album.
— Debbie Cassell

Beautiful voice just like an angel.
— Lesley-Rae Coetzer

An amazing album from an emerging talent and I’m honoured to review it so early. I attended the launch of this album last night and I was blown away by the this brilliant collection of work. Well done Loulita - when’s the second album due?
— Mark Payne

Thought I’d let you know that I’ve played your CD quite a few times now and the more I listen the more I marvel at what a lovely talented young lady you are. Thank you once again for inviting me to your music launch and sharing your personal journey through song.
— Trudie Philips

Hi, I heard you at C in the Park today and thought I’d message to say how fantastic you were! Such beautiful talent! Thanks for your ministry through music.
— Natasha James