It has been a week since I launched my album and I have had an overwhelming amount of comments, messages and posts from people on social media thanking me for it. I'm so grateful to everyone who came to support me. It was a wonderful and unforgettable night, one that I almost wish wasn't already over. So much time and effort went into preparing for the event and I had a phenomenal team of people around me who made it a success. You know who you are and I could not have done this without you.

I decided not to charge an entrance fee that night so that we could support four charities who are working with children and making a difference in their lives. Because of the generosity of everyone, we raised over £400 which we have divided between them. Our chosen charities were Compassion, Mission Destiny, Hope Foundation and Sarah's Home. Thank you again for your donations; I will be reporting back on how the funds were used. In the mean time, know that you have either put a smile on a face, comforted a little heart, or fed a hungry tummy (and much more). Jesus said that what we do for the least of these, we have done for Him (Matthew 25:40-45), and we can never outgive God. 

Since the launch, I've had many people contact me personally to say thank you for the music. For everyone who has taken the time to listen and feedback, I am so grateful. As a new artist, I've been so encouraged by the number of views on YouTube and Vevo for my music video, Deliverer. I really pray that the song will impact people's lives and help them to realise that there is hope for their future. There is nothing beyond God's help and when we cry out to Him, He hears us and sends us answers.

Many of my family and friends know that this album has been a long time coming but I love how God aligned everything perfectly just at the right time. Last year I met the most amazing producer and was subsequently introduced to a team of brilliant musicians who have given me a beautiful sound. And then, without effort, three incredible vocalists joined the journey and here we are. I feel it appropriate to name them all as my album would not be what it is without them: Aron Bicskey, Max Findlay, Rob Townley, Tom Auton, Jessica Leask, David Ansah and Natalie Ipinyomi. Thank you so much for your creativity, input and guidance (not to mention the laughs!).

What I've realised more and more throughout this whole process is that relationships are so important. You cannot achieve anything alone (even God is three in One). When you make people more important than your goals, they will gladly help you with them. And so while the launch is over (for anyone who missed it, you can view it here) my musical journey has just begun...

God bless you. 

Images credit: Mark Payne